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Project Management

KARV’S dedicated Project Management team manages the interdependent time, costs, and scope of a project to successfully achieve agreed-upon objectives. Our skilled Project Managers also oversee communication between project stakeholders, the customer’s steering committee and our resources to ensure that the project achieves expected business results. Our consulting services focus on integrated solutions designed to enhance your management capability. By incorporating project management practices into your business processes and management strategies, you maximize the transfer of knowledge and skills to your organization.

We align projects and resources to meet strategic objectives. Our approach to Project Management Office (PMO) implementation focuses on increased customer satisfaction, decreased time to market, strategically aligned projects, quantitative performance measures, and project leadership and team performance. We will help you build an effective PMO to improve project profitability — ultimately increasing prosperity for your organization.

When an IT projects fails, it’s often due to poor planning or project control. That’s why "Monitoring & Tracking is the essence of Project Management"

Everything in this world is meant for a change except the word change itself. Unknown situations can derail even a well planned project. Often detailed planning in the earlier stages will prevent mitigation strategies which will enable swift handling and prevent serious consequences. Karv’s software delivery model is built on proven, industry-standard project management methodology which allows us to Monitor and Track the Project continuously throughout the life of the Project.

KARV’S project management methodology brings you:
  • Predictability – accurately plan your product releases and critical business dependencies
  • Repeatability – guarantees that each project is managed to the same standards
  • Quality – ensures your business needs are met with reliable, effective software
  • Measurability – standard processes with built-in checkpoints and reporting
  • Communications – regular communication with stakeholders guarantees common understanding
Some of the key Benefits we deliver to our clients:
  • Projects delivered on time, within scope and on budget
  • Knowledge transfer to support future self-sufficiency
  • Best-practice methodology, tools, and techniques
  • Complexity managed in a professional manner
  • Proven Methodology
  • Risk Management
  • Project QA
Whether you are considering or preparing for change, developing new strategies, implementing new initiatives, or redesigning current programs and processes, KARV Business Group will guide you in achieving optimal organizational results.